More and more companies will opt to do business with you if they know from others that you are ’an easygoing business partner’. Therefore, you will be successful in building a business network only if you’ve established this reputation for yourself. It all sounds nice up to this point, but what exactly does it mean?

It basically means that you are able to fulfill a wide array of the customer’s preferences, such as doing business with them in their preferred way, while granting them the possibility to pay and order however and whenever they wish to, as well as to receive the order at the location and date indicated by them.
As we can see, the objective is to place your partner’s needs and preferences first in order to develop a harmonious relationship with them.

Large multi-nationals typically strive to calibrate their operations to perfection. Automation and efficiency are their top priorities when it comes to improving processes related to the supply chain, accounting, warehouse, customer service, information technology and human resources. Naturally, making an exception for any vendor in whichever of these departments is disruptive and adds to the complexity they have to deal with. What is more, this comes with additional costs and it paves the way for errors to occur. Perhaps the most difficult consequence to deal with is the fact that customers will most likely choose companies which can ultimately satisfy their expectations.

Nowadays, everything worth obtaining requires huge flexibility. Ideally, this does not refer only to complying with customer preferences, but also implies that you do not restrict your customer or try to modify their behaviour. For instance, the customer shouldn’t need to make any adjustments to their accounts payable or warehouse management systems just to be able to accept EDI transactions from your company. Apart from flexibility, you will also need to be among the speediest on the market so as to deliver results in the fastest possible time.
In order to maintain a competitive a edge on the market you will need to keep an open mind and adapt to however your customer wishes to conduct business with you. Continue building the ’easy to do business with’ reputation and watch as your business network flourishes from one day to the next. If you would like to know more about how to reach this next stage, contact us.