Technological Partners

Our goal is to offer our Clients the very best solution. This is the foundation of any long-term business. To achieve it, we will continuously aim to partner with the best providers in any technological sector.

Port25 is the global leader in messaging systems. Using their solutions we manage to send up to 100 million email per month on behalf or our customers that are using Campaign Sender platform.

OpenText GXS is the global leader in EDI services. Our EDIconnect platform has integrated in its infrastructure the set of technologies including Bizlink Manager Family, helping us obtain a platform that is superior to the previous one by means of speed, scalability and simplicity of its monitoring and management system.

Reliability and performance are mandatory in our business. We use HP hardware, enterprise components and tier 3 data center. We fully commit in our projects to allow our Clients to focus strictly on the development of their business.

When cloud needed, we went for the best. We have expertise in setting environments for our Clients using Amazon Web Services.

By 2017, our team performed up to 50 SAP environment integrations to allow our Clients to run fully automated workflows.