Our services and solutions

From business analysis to system integration and software development that any company should afford.
From Software as a Service to on Premise solutions.All fully customized to fit our Client’s expectations.

A new approach 

We are providing you with a new approach that system integrators and software companies are now successfully using to deliver goods and services to customers more efficiently and more reliably. This software-development approach is called ‘Agile’ and can be used across all business units and product groups, helping companies such as ours to design and build features quickly, allowing our customers to test them as they go along. We can then use our customer’s input to further improve the product.

Agile benefits

Let us shine a light on how the Agile method will benefit your company, especially when compared to the previous one, the waterfall model. This old model meant that development took place from start to finish, without being able to intervene and make changes along the way. This way, actual testing always happened after the product was completely built and it required considerable time to start a new.

However, with the Agile method we use, your business can work together with the product developers, testing the product and collaborating as a team on ways to improve that prototype, as to obtain the best possible outcome.  Our observations of forefront customers showed that this new and very valuable method can be implemented on a broader scale, with broader benefits. In order to achieve this, your company needs to rebuild their organizational structures and operating models.

Audit & Consultancy

  • Business Analysis
  • Infrastructure & Architecture Analysis
  • Object-oriented analysis
  • Structured analysis
  • Solution assessment & validation

eCommerce & Web Development

  • Corporate Websites
  • Prestashop / Magento / OpenCart solutions
  • E-Commerce to ERP Integrations
  • Server/cloud side optimization
  • Hosting solutions

Electronic Data Interchange

  • Develop organizational structure
  • Conduct in-depth analysis
  • Develop a focused EDI solution
  • Integrate EDI in the business
  • Integrate data over the business
  • Undertake data mapping
  • Establish pilot project
  • Roll out EDI to trading partners

Online Marketing

  • Online Audit & Strategy
  • Search engine optmization
  • Online campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing

Software development

  • Software architecture
  • B2B marketplaces
  • B2C marketplaces
  • Integrated solutions
  • SaaS / on premise platforms
  • Web applications

Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Performance testing
  • Automated testing
  • Independent testing

Best practices of modern design
We use only the best practice of modern software architecture, design and development to create good looking and easy-to-use web applications.
High performance
No more page refreshing. Our apps are seamlessly integrated with our powerful server backends so the users do not even feel server side communication.
Fault tolerance
Our systems work in situations where others require constant maintenance support. You do not need an IT department to keep your app running.
Got more than a thousand of users? No problem, no need to rewrite the system from scratch – it is already designed for a high availability environment, just a few updates and you’ve got your system running in a cluster with load-balancing.
Affordable for everybody
Regardless if you have a small website, large web portal or SaaS application, you can be sure that the price of development in QNIUM will be competitive. We have automated the most of our operations. This let us implement large projects within the customer’s limited budget.
User Experience
Our software works exactly how you expect it to. The user interface is implemented in such a way that your users will not experience difficulties understanding how to execute the required action. The processes that can be run in one click will not require the user to do routine work.