80% automation of electronic invoicing

Created in France, Auchan is one of the world’s leading distribution groups, having branches in  over 16 countries. In 2016, Deloitte named Auchan the world’s 11th biggest food distribution companies. Over the years, Auchan opened hundreds of hypermarkets and thousands of supermarkets all around the world.

The project with Auchan was launched in 2013 and it enabled the transmission of purchase orders without the need for fax servers. Eventually, the summer of 2014 saw the transmission of receiving advices and exchanging the connected invoices.

In January 2016 Auchan fully automated their order transmission process and their return document flow (return advices and return invoices, penalty invoices). In 2017 the service invoices were also exchanged, making electronic invoicing reach an all-time high 80% automation.

Following the integration of flow between EDI and Auchan Romania and its suppliers, the following departments of Auchan Romania have improved their data exchange and communications: the Purchasing Department and the Logistics Department.

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