SME & Enterprise Legal Electronic Archiving

You can start now to save money and save our precious environment by issuing and saving electronic invoices according to Law 148/2012.

All documents, whether they be incoming or outgoing, are potential candidates for electronic archiving. Certain documents present only a temporary interest (such as delivery notes) and will be archived, with no particular precaution, for a 6 months limited period.

Invoices, on the other hand, are « sensitive » documents because they can be requested by the Department of Finances over the next 10 years. Besides a guarantee of longtime archiving during a determined time period, it will be asked that the document’s integrity be guaranteed at all time.

Documents relating to the Human Resources, in particular payrolls, also need to be archived for a long period of time, even longer than invoices. Furthermore, these documents require total confidentiality: no one, except for the President and HR Manager can consult the President’s salary!

The electronic archiving module of our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) covers all these functionalities and requirements in a reliable and effective way.

Built around renowned database server such as Oracle, the archiving module is full web and integrates a simple and intuitive user interface, for whoever knows how to use a browser. For example, the archiving module’s training sessions take usually 1 day for the administrator and only a few minutes for the users.

The archived documents can be of any origin: incoming documents issued by the digitization module, outgoing documents generated by the publishing module, validated documents issued at the end of a workflow circuit (via the electronic signature book) or documents conceived by various office software applications.

Audit & Consultancy

  • Business Analysis
  • Infrastructure & Architecture Analysis
  • Document Workflow Validation
  • Solution assessment & validation
  • Define QA and testing KPIs

Legal Electronic Archiving

  • Develop organizational workflow
  • Conduct in-depth analysis
  • Develop proof of concept solution
  • Integrate DMS in the business
  • Integrate data over the business
  • Undertake document flows
  • Roll out DMS project

Software Development & Integration

  • Define software architecture
  • Integrate with ERP / CRM / WMS
  • Integratei with external IT solutions
  • Route and archive EDI invoices, orders or receiving advices
  • Build custom web services & APIs for better integration

Best practices and legal compliance
Fully compliant with “Law 135/2007 for document archiving in electronic format”
High performance
Invoices are issued and delivered electronically;

Electronically archive all accounting documents;

Fault tolerance
Our systems work in situations where others require constant maintenance support. You do not need an IT department to keep your app running.
Scalability and Environment
Efficiently management of millions of documents. No problem, no need to change the system from scratch it is already designed for high volume of documents environment, just few account updates and you got your system running in a cloud, on premise or in a cluster according to your security policy.
improving processes: automatic archiving enabling direct classification in real time; reduction of processing times; no loss of documents; quick archive searches,

the reduction of internal costs: reduced, or even eliminated, paper printing; reduced classification time; paper archiving costs are much higher than for digital archiving; elimination of post and packaging costs, etc.

User Experience
Our software works in the way that you expect. User interface is implemented in the way that your users will not feel difficulties understanding how to execute required action. The processes that can be run in one click will not require user to do routine work.