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EDI Electronic Data Interchange Solutions

What EDI can do for your supplier relationships

When you think about your business, what does it come to mind? Do you first think about your customers? Working towards great customer relationships should be any company’s aspiration and objective, since customers are the driving force behind any thriving business. But have you thought about your suppliers? Even though they are in the background..

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How integration can boost value for enterprise applications

Ever since their emergence on the market, enterprise tools and applications have operated independently, offering businesses a powerful upperhand in certain aspects. We are talking about tools such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions with great reporting abilities, that have never been part of a unified structure. Since they each..

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How to overcome challenges brought on by B2B integration

Picture a giant network. It has a myriad of dots and just as many connecting lines between them. Now think of B2B integration – you will see that the two are very similar. Each of these dots is one of your trading partners and the line connecting your dot to their dot is the business..

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