About us

Business is like sport. Apart from talent, it takes a lot of determination, focus, creativity, work and sacrifice in order to have the race of our life.


The company was founded in the summer of 2003 to offer the first B2B marketplace in Romania.


Until now, DCA Ventures has successfully managed more than 1,400 companies.

120 million+

In May 2017, our email marketing platform set up a new record in delivery – over 120 million emails were sent via Campaign Sender.


Thanks to the expansion on the FMCG and DIY market of the last two years, our customers are exchanging more than 550,000 EDI documents with the help of our EDI solutions.

Client orientation

We believe that how we treat our clients says a lot about how we develop our solutions. Clients are the heart of the business, putting our blood into motion and enabling us to think and become creative.

“If we don’t take care of the customer… somebody else will.”

Prioritizing our Client means putting ourselves in our Clients’ shoes and using their perspective to focus on real value for the product being developed or for the service being provided; other aspects such as contracts, requirements and technologies should take a secondary role in our relationship.

Continuous development

Our focus is to build a long term relationship with every single Client. To achieve that, we look forward to any idea coming from our Clients, that might improve our products and solutions. Listening to our Clients allowed us to learn useful things from them, enabling us to be ahead of our competition.

Our very high Client retention percentage can confirm that, as can our 1,200 active Clients.

Transforming business operations through software


This can be achieved by teaming up with our Clients, listening to their needs, analyzing the business processes and integrating the appropriate solution.

Business is like sport. It takes a lot of determination, focus, creativity, work and sacrifice to be added to talent in order to have the race of your life.

Being proactive and responsive is a must, both in sport and in business.

Bogdan Minoiu, CEO